Top Oakville Wineries in the Napa Valley


Wine tasting in the Napa Valley is a sensory experience. Aromatic wines, barrel tastings, hidden cellars, romantic caves, and lavish lunches are all part of the iconic moments on a wine tour in Napa Valley. And in the heart of the valley lies the AVA of Oakville. A hundred years after it was put on the map as a small train station, Oakville is now associated with some of the most celebrated wines and vineyards in the Napa Valley, and beyond. It is a viticultural treasure with a special soil and climate, which are the key ingredients to a world class grape growing area. The wineries and winemakers here know how to enhance the terroir of Oakville into some of the most memorable wines in the area. Let us take you on a wine tasting adventure through this renowned slice of the Napa Valley.

Wine Cave B CellarsB Cellars 
703 Oakville Cross Road
Oakville, CA 94562
(707) 709-8787

B Cellars was founded in 2003 when owners Jim Borsack and Duffy Keys realized they were sharing not just an affinity for similar wines, but were both exploring new career paths in vineyard acquisition. They had first met a year earlier at a 4th of July BBQ, but once they committed to structuring a first rate wine company Jim and Duffy began to look for a third key player. They eventually recruited the celebrated Napa Valley winemaker, Kirk Venge. Born into winemaking, Kirk’s father Nils Venge, gave him a family winemaking legacy. B Cellars produces fantastic wines from unique places in the Napa Valley, including two from Oakville. The Missouri Hopper and To Kalon Cabernets produced by Kirk at B Cellars are representations of the best Oakville and the Napa Valley have to offer. The wines are bold and seductive with dense aromatics that are complemented by complex flavors and long finishes. The team takes an artisan approach, making balanced and complex wines that we are happy to experience on any Oakville tour.

575 OVX Vineyard Gargiulo VineyardsGargiulo Vineyards
575 Oakville Crossroad
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 944-2770

Jeff Gargiulo was a lifelong farmer with a dream to own a vineyard. In 1992, he and his wife Valerie finally fulfilled that dream, eventually purchasing a second property and founding an eponymous winery that would become one of the most talked about in the already celebrated Oakville AVA. Thanks to his years as a farmer, Jeff knew what to grow where, and now highly regarded Cabernet Sauvignons are coming out of his two vineyards in Oakville named Money Road Ranch and 575 ovx. The well drained soils, sun drenched summers and cool, dry autumns provide a superior environment to grow Cabernet. The two vineyards are as unique and the finished wines they produce. They embody what essential Oakville Cabernet should be, rich and complex with the structure to age decades. Let us introduce you to Gargiulo Vineyards on your next Napa Valley wine tour.

Vertical Vintages Paradigm WineryParadigm Winery
1277 Dwyer Road
Oakville, CA 94562
(707) 944-1683

The Paradigm Winery epitomizes the meaning of their name – a pattern or model for perfection. For over 30 years, owners Ren and Marilyn Harris have been hand crafting rich expressions from their vineyard in Oakville. While their first vintage was 1991 at Paradigm, Ren and Marilyn’s roots go much further back into Napa Valley history when Marilyn’s Italian family arrived in the area in 1890! When they founded Paradigm, they hired the only winemaker they have ever had, the talented Heidi Barrett. Together, they were determined to make a great food friendly wine while preserving the idea of a small, family owned winery that the Napa Valley was built on. This incredibly loyal and dedicated team maintains a hands on approach to every step of growing the grapes and making the wines, they are all grown, crushed, fermented, aged, bottled and stored on site. Ren, Marilyn, and Heidi have remained tireless advocates of Oakville and eco-friendly, environmentally responsible farming. This place is a quaint snapshot of family winemaking in Napa Valley, and we can take you there on our specialty wine tours and tastings.

Oakville’s wines receive endless publicity thanks to both the unique quality of its terroir and the meticulous growers and winemakers that produce the distinguished wines of the region. The Oakville Winegrowers website is a rich resource on this fascinating slice of the Napa Valley that runs from the Vaca Mountain Range in the east to the Mayacamas Mountains in the west.

Oakville Cabernet has become a cornerstone of Napa Valley’s prestige worldwide, and we offer wine tours there every day. At Beau Wine Tours, we plan wine tastings that introduce you to the best wineries, restaurants, hotels and activities the valley has to offer. We provide transfers from hotels and airports direct to wineries and resorts all over northern California’s wine country. Book a tour today to learn what makes Oakville and the rest of Napa so special.