Top Calistoga Restaurants In Napa Valley

Top Calistoga Restaurants In Napa Valley

Calistoga Restaurants

The Napa Valley is known around the world for its incredible experiences. It’s a mecca for anyone who loves wine or food, and draws millions of visitors each year for just those reasons. Beautiful wineries offer world class wine tastings while the restaurants create some of the most exciting food in the world. Combine these elements with the outstanding scenery and it is easy to see why the Napa Valley is such a magnet for sensory adventure. The local chefs are passionate about sustaining and sharing Napa Valley’s bounty with visitors and residents alike. These famous chefs are true artists whose passions have resulted in a farm to table dining philosophy that is part of the fabric of wine country. When on a Beau Wine Tour in Napa, wineries are the core of most trips, but our expert knowledge of the local food scene will elevate your wine tasting day into something even more magical! Check out some of our favorite restaurants in Calistoga, at the top of the valley!

Sexy Interior Solbar Restaurant CalistogaSolbar
755 Silverado Trail N
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 226-0850

Solage Resort and its restaurant, the Michelin Starred Solbar, represent the best of luxury lifestyle and casual elegance combined. Executive Chef Massimo Falsini turns the ultra-fresh and regional ingredients into unique and flavorful dishes that reflect the seasons in Calistoga. The food is elegant but still intervenes new twists on California soul food recipes including a very popular fried chicken dinner. We tend to gravitate to the local duck from Sonoma’s Liberty Farms or the New York steak, but the daily specials are served in a spirited atmosphere and always make the decision making a little harder.

Evangeline Restaurant CalistogaEvangeline
1226 Washington St
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 341-3131

Proprietor of Evangeline is Chef Brandon Sharp, who is an alumnus of The French Laundry, Restaurant Gary Danko, and Restaurant August in New Orleans. He vast knowledge and experience, which includes being Michelin Starred, allows him to create compelling dishes that are instant classics. Big bold flavors and fun variations on classics like a Croque Madame or a Coq au Vin take on new energy in his hands. The menu, like the layout of the restaurant is simple and clear, yet welcoming and attractive. Chef Sharp’s Beef Tartar and Shrimp Etoufee are the two dishes that stand out in our minds, but we are always going back to keep up to date!

Brunswick Bar Brannans Restaurant CalistogaBrannan’s Grill
1374 Lincoln St
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 942-2233

Brannan’s Grill is located in the downtown heart of Calistoga, and embodies a rustic charm only found in small towns. Owners Rob Goldin and Mark Young have created an airy and comfortable setting that is filled with light and feels like al fresco dining because the walls are windows that are usually open in better weather. The refined and approachable menu is engaging and is backed up with a wine list that celebrates all wines Napa. The convivial historic Brunswick bar is an excellent choice for a casual glass of wine or a full dinner experience. The steaks are a must try here and come with your choice of béarnaise, horseradish or a red wine reduction that we simply can’t get enough of!

To see the very best the Napa Valley has to offer, you need to get off the beaten path. Napa, Yountville and St Helena are filled this time of year with people looking for a wine country experience. Wine tours and tastings that end up at the sleepy north end of the valley and in Calistoga have numerous opportunities to discover small town wineries, hotels and restaurants that offer worldly service. To expose yourself to the best of the region hire one of our private tour services and let our local guides find exclusive and the truly hidden gems of the Napa Valley. Contact us today!

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