Sire Estate: The Culmination of Passion and Expertise in Napa Valley from our President Thomas Buck

Sire Estate Wine Bottles

In the incredible landscape of Napa Valley, Sire Estate stands as a pillar of winemaking passion and expertise. Founded by Thomas Buck, the visionary behind Beau Wine Tours, Sire Estate is the embodiment of a lifelong journey through the heart of wine country. Since 1996, Thomas’ immersion in the valley through our luxury tour company, allowed him to establish deep relationships with vineyard growers and vintners, culminating in his inevitable venture into winemaking.

Sire’s story began with a simple desire to create wines that would delight family, friends, and discerning tour clients. With the inaugural vintage in 2012, Sire Estate has since offered a line of single-vineyard wines that are a true expression of the region’s diversity. Each bottle from Sire is a testament to the quality of fruit sourced from Napa’s renowned sites and the careful craftsmanship that goes into every vintage. The name Sire, coined in the Middle Ages to denote “King” or “Father,” highlights the importance of the lineage and pedigree of the grapes and vineyards, akin to that of a prized thoroughbred racehorse. Each vintage of Sire is “purebred” sourced from distinguished vineyards such as Sleeping Lady Vineyard in Yountville, and the exclusive Houyi Vineyard on Pritchard Hill.

Sire Estate - Thomas Buck

Producing less than 500 cases annually, Sire Estate may be modest in quantity but is immense in quality, with offerings that have found their way into high-end retailers and prestigious restaurants, including The French Laundry, PRESS St. Helena, and Valette Healdsburg. While it has remained a well-kept secret among connoisseurs, those who discover Sire find a brand that resonates with the authentic spirit of Napa Valley.

Thomas has long advocated for giving back to the community, aligning with several outstanding organizations for Beau Wine Tours and Sire Estate. Thomas has been a premier sponsor and long supporter for events such as One Mind’s Music Festival for Brain Health, Jameson Humane’s WineaPAWlooza, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, Festival Napa Valley, Harvest STOMP (a celebration supporting Napa Valley Grape Growers and the Napa Farmworkers Foundation), and Collective Napa Valley’s Auction Weekend. Most recently Sire Estate has embarked on its own philanthropic journey (with the help of Jameson Humane and Wild Heart Restart Ranch) to rescue off-the-track thoroughbreds, providing horses with the opportunity and training to have a successful life after racing.

Sire Estate Wine Label

Sire Estate is committed to being much more than just a label; it’s a pursuit of excellence. It’s a story we at Beau Wine Tours are proud to share, inviting you to explore the legacy of Napa Valley and Sonoma with us. Interested in visiting and tasting Sire Estate’s limited production wines? Our concierge team would be happy to discuss all your options for your next trip!