One of the best kept secrets in Wine Country – Oeno Vaults (ee-no)

One of the best kept secrets in Wine Country – Oeno Vaults (ee-no)

When you visit Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Country you like to be treated well? You like to be pampered? You like to be spoiled?

Have you ever thought about treating the wine that you purchase the same way?  Well now you can at Oeno Vaults, one of the best kept secrets in Wine Country.

oenovaults wine check inThe Costello family have created Oeno Vaults, a state of the art, wine collection, storage and shipping service and they are in their words “Passionate about wine and uncompromising about storing it.” Having seen Oeno Vaults with our own eyes the team here at Beau Wine Tours couldn’t agree more.

If you’re one of the many visitors to Wine Country who is serious about your wine then Oeno Vaults needs to be on your radar. Instead of having to deal with the headaches of collection Oeno Vaults will do this for you. They operate a fleet of temperature controlled vans that collect on a daily basis in both the Napa Valley and Sonoma County.  This means that you have peace-of-mind in knowing that your prized wine is safe and sound at the optimal temperature.

oenovaults vanOn arrival at their storage facility each bottle is individually catalogued and entered into your inventory, re-packed into boxes designed specifically for the storage unit  and then securely locked away in your own temperature controlled vault! And while your wine sits safely in your vault you can keep track of it online, or through their new mobile app The Oeno Vaults’ web and mobile app, allows you to search and sort, rate your bottles, make notes as detailed as you want, and even assign drinking windows so you can enjoy your wine at the right time! Even if you’ve never laid eyes on your wine Oeno Vaults will have an image of one of each of your wines for you to see online!

Need  to have your wine sent to your house? Or office? Or to someone as a thank you? That’s not a problem at Oeno Vaults as they offer incredibly competitive shipping rates to all 50, yes we said ALL 50 states.

oenovaults temperature trackerFor collectors who are lucky enough to get allocations from some of the highly sought after Napa and Sonoma wineries like Vineyard 29, Melka Wines, Harlan, Fisher Vineyards, Kosta Browne or Paul Hobbs, Oeno Vaults offers a collection service for you. All is takes is the click of a mouse to have your precious wine treated the way you know it should be treated

We’ll explore the whole Oeno Vaults experience in more detail in another blog post in a couple of months. In the meantime you can get in touch with them by phone at 707-595-3612, by email at or through their website here

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