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Throughout the beautiful hillside terrain of Spring Mountain, you’ll come across first-class private wine tasting tours. When you book chauffeured transportation, you get to view the land. From vineyards nestled on slopes to rolling hills, there is so much more than powerful red wines to drink.

Nearby highway 29, the Spring Mountain District sits behind the town of Saint Helena. Here in this region, you’ll find dozens of small vineyards. For instance, there are two-dozen family-owned and operated wineries near St. Helena. This adds up to roughly 1,000 acres of vineyards. Oftentimes, the owner of each winery, a family member, or even the winemaker will greet visitors. Since a personal touch is key to each winery experience, you must arrange visits in advance.

In addition to being the coolest Napa Valley region, the Spring Mountain District is also the wettest. Meanwhile, it’s vineyards represent less than 2% of the valley’s wines. These vineyards demand extra attention from the viticulturists and winemakers who choose to grow here. Consequently, the harsher conditions create extra stress on the vines and the grapes are often hand-tilled. Although the rugged hillside presents several challenges, it is a fruitful struggle, producing long-lived wines that are intense in character.

If you have space in your schedule, give yourself an entire day for a private wine tasting tour in the Spring Mountain District. Following your tastings, we recommend a full picnic which our Concierge and tour guides provide. So you never have to worry about going up and down the mountain when it’s time for lunch.

Some of the most notable Spring Mountain District wineries near St. Helena include:


Behrens Family

Cain Vineyard and

Fantesca Estate &

Fisher Vineyards (technically Sonoma County side) –


Marston Family



Peacock Family

Pride Mountain

Robert Keenan


Sherwin Family 

Spring Mountain


Vineyard 7&

Once you decide to visit Napa Valley, try to make some time to enjoy a private wine tour through this secluded and friendly region. Here on Spring Mountain, every sight is worthy of a spot on your Newsfeed and a place in your heart. Even more, expect a greeting complete with a mix of old and new. Before settling into a stunning mountain wine tasting experience, take a breath of fresh air with us. 

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Try Our Special Collector’s Tour

Sometimes, we run into tourists with a passion as long as the vineyards for wines. Therefore, we designed a tour for the wine expert. Thus came the Collector’s Tour. Since our winemaker and founder, Tom Buck, created this tour, it’s one you won’t want to miss! After the tour, you’ll have a deep understanding of wine and an appreciation for the art of wine production. In fact, the tour introduces guests to only the finest wines in Napa Valley. Certainly, Tom and his wife have always been longtime collectors. But most recently, they love sharing their passion with others.

Whenever you are looking for a great Napa Valley group wine tour experience without a high price tag, our Daily Napa Valley Wine Limo Tours are one step ahead! Then review our wine tour bus and shuttle service, Napa Valley Wine Tour Bus and Luxury Shuttle Service.

Although this service is ideal for large corporate groups, we’ve had large families and friend groups book buses and shuttles. Undoubtedly, this option is the best way to get everyone together without chaos.

Finally, never hesitate to contact us with your wine tour questions! As always, we’d be happy to help you explore wineries near St. Helena.

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