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Howell Mountain Wine Tours

Howell Mountain Wines and Tours

Neighboring on the hillsides of Howell Mountain are high elevation vineyards. First you will experience breathtaking views. Second, you will drink intensely flavorful wines from the valley floor. Lastly, you will ride through scenic roads to walk among impressive vineyards. During your private wine tasting tour with us, the moments you capture will be nothing short of amazing.

Above the fog, sunlight bathes the vineyards that produce bold Howell Mountain wines. Furthermore, the angle the rays hit the land reveal spectacular views of the valley below. Surely most visitors try not to blink for fear of missing a single second.

Beyond it’s natural beauty, Howell Mountain is the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) in greater Napa Valley. Specifically, wine lovers throughout the nation and world know it for its intense wines from small grape clusters. And yet, it’s located only five miles northeast of St. Helena. Above the valley floor, 45 vintners and growers call the valley home. They produce their own unique versions of robust and complex red wines.

Despite their wide reputation, many people don’t know the history of Howell Mountain wines. In other words, the region was home to some of the most successful winemakers during the boom of the 1880s. Then in 1998, the region made history when two local winemakers won a Bronze metal at the Paris World Competition. Now the area’s wines continue to amaze visitors and new releases are a cause for widespread celebration. To be sure, the Howell Mountain region is one you won’t want to miss.

Some of Howell Mountain’s notable wineries include:



Bremer Family



Haber Family

La Jota

Lamborn Family

Neal Family



Of course it is true you can do a tasting on a terrace, tour of an underground cave or winery, or a lesson in wine production. For these reasons, a visit to Howell Mountain is a must for wine lovers near or far.

While once known for robust Zinfandels, Howell Mountain has been transformed over several decades by growers seeking dark, rich flavors for Merlot and, of course, big Cabernets. These wines are known for big tannins, velvety texture, and often a unique hint of white pepper. In addition, the long aging ability of Howell Mountain wines sets it apart from other regional varieties. In fact, Dunn Vineyards has a celebrated history of creating long lasting Cabernets that can hold on for decades.

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Try Our Special Collector’s Tour

Sometimes, we encounter tourists who are very passionate about fine wines. Accordingly, we designed a tour for the wine expert. Now we offer the Collector’s Tour. Since our founder, Tom Buck, is an avid winemaker, he created this tour. After the tour, you will leave with a deep understanding of wine and an appreciation for the art of wine production. In fact, the tour introduces guests to only the most premium wines in Napa Valley. Certainly, Tom and his wife have always been longtime collectors. But most recently, they love sharing their passion for the vines with others.

Whenever you are looking for a great Napa Valley group wine tour experience without a high price tag, our Daily Napa Valley Wine Limo Tours are one step ahead! Then review our wine tour bus and shuttle service, Napa Valley Wine Tour Bus and Luxury Shuttle Service.

Although this service is ideal for large corporate groups, we’ve had large families and friend groups book buses and shuttles. Undoubtedly, this option is the best way to get everyone together without chaos.

Finally, never hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our wine tours! As always, we’d be happy to help you explore Howell Mountain wines and the places that produce them.

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