Napa Valley Wine Tasting Educational Series – Part III

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Educational Series – Part III

As part of our ongoing commitment to take your enjoyment of wine to the next level, we are progressing from the basics of wine knowledge and taking a look at where you can attain further awareness of the wines you love. Wine education is everywhere, from wine tours in Napa Valley to online courses from the world’s best wine experts, a deeper appreciation of wine is easier to attain now more than ever. At Beau Wine Tours, we believe wine tasting should not only be fun, but also offer a permanent memory that lasts a lifetime.

Visiting Wineries

The Winter Gardens Round PondWe specialize in wine tours and tastings in the Napa Valley. With the region’s optimal growing conditions and the many variations of terroir, the Napa Valley offers wine tasting opportunities that parallel the massive amount of diversity in the vineyards. At Silverado Vineyards the wine tasting room features one of a kind blends from spectacular vineyard locations. A unique library tasting is offered at the winery, providing an experience of the history of Silverado Vineyards through sipping landmark vintages. This vertical tasting shows you how to compare the same wines from the same producer in order to ascertain how different vintages could change a wine. One of the most thorough wine and food educational experiences we have seen in the Napa Valley is at Round Pond. This all inclusive, five hour long, signature tour starts in the garden, progresses through the olive oil mill, vineyards and cellars of Round Pond, and ends with a lunch that ties it all together. Wine is complex enough on it’s own, understanding the symbiotic relationship between wine and food can feel overwhelming. After this wine tour and tasting, the world of wine pairing becomes much clearer

Get a sneak peek of Round Pond’s Signature Tour below. . As delicious and gorgeous as it is mentally stimulating, this experience is one not to be missed.

Attending Wine School

Wine Glass education with Riedel at the Napa Valley Wine AcademyNo matter your age, a wine education should always be as fun as it is informative. We are spoiled for choice here in the Napa Valley, as there are many ways to educate yourself here. The Napa Valley College offers light classes for novices such as Wines of California, or more in depth education such as Sensory Analysis and Vineyard Pruning. Also in the Napa neighborhood, the Napa Valley Wine Academy offers classes that include trips to local wineries in order to create a hands on learning environment. The Silverado Cooking School is focused on food, but features food and wine pairing courses that are a great addition for wine lovers of all levels. The world renowned Culinary Institute of America has the ultimate food and wine education. Many of America’s greatest chefs went to school here, and the wine education they received alongside the culinary classes is second to none. If you’re not visiting wine country, modern technology can bring world-class wine education to you. Wine Spectator offers online courses that fit the needs of new wine lovers as well as seasoned veterans. Considered a scientific leader in the wine world, UC Davis has an online education that gives you the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to pursue your passion for wine making. Whether you live in Napa, New Zealand or anywhere in between, these online wine courses can fit any schedule, anywhere.

If you have been in the wine industry for years, or if you have just had your first wine ‘a-ha’ moment, Beau Wine Tours can instill in you a deep affinity for wine and wine education. We partner with many local, Napa Valley institutions to ensure you get the most from every wine tour and wine tasting. Let us help you love wine more today!

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