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Mustards Grill

Mustards Grill

Mustards Grill
7399 St. Helena Hwy, Napa, CA 94558
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Part of the Napa Valley lifestyle is the food and we are privileged to have legendary chefs like Cindy Pawlcyn and her flagship Napa restaurant, Mustards Grill located here for our visitors to enjoy.

The Chef

Chef Cindy PawlcynCindy is as an amazing person as her career is prolific. Born into a culinary family that integrated local and fresh ingredients into everyday recipes, she started working at a local cooking store and helping her mother in the kitchen at age 13. After obtaining a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, she took courses at Le Cordon Blue and La Varenne in Paris before making a mark in Chicago at the Pump Room. Cindy arrived in California and developed her sense of the Napa Valley food culture during her time at Meadowood and Rose et LeFavour. She launched Mustards Grill way back in 1983, and is still as involved as ever. She is often found tootling through the garden or cooking for friends and family, intertwining her passion and profession.

Cindy’s father had a green thumb and he taught her many lessons. It is important that the freshness and flavors of the garden shine through in her cooking, as Chef Pawlcyn feels it compels people connect to her food. Mustards Grill grows its herbs, fruits and vegetables in their own on-site garden. A pioneer both then and now, Cindy has been acclaimed and recognized by her peers and industry professionals. The list of accomplishments include the Robert Mondavi Award for Culinary Excellence, in addition to the Fine Beverage and Food Federation’s Career Achievement Award. She has authored multiple cookbooks and earned a James Beard award for Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook. She has been involved in creating some of the Bay Area’s favorite restaurants including Bix, Betelnut, Tra Vigne and the Fog City Diner. Cindy relentlessly travels to gastronomic hotspots trying new things around the world, while thinking of how she can incorporate more innovations into her passionate culinary expressions.

Mustards Grill

Gorgeous Garden Fresh Food Mustards GrillNamed after the yellow Spanish mustard that carpets the Napa Valley every spring, Mustards Grill nourishes diners as the mustard flower does the soil. For more than three decades, the casual yet worldly and sophisticated fare has delighted locals and travelers alike. Sitting at the bar could mean chatting up famous winemakers, talking travel with tourists or eating alongside chefs from neighboring Napa Valley restaurants. The staff will invite you to take a walk outside and tour the gardens which cover two acres.

Besides providing 20% of the produce needs at Mustards Grill, the garden brings Cindy and her team year round inspiration. Her team uses time proven techniques to help the garden flourish. They bring in beneficial plants and insects to nourish and defend the garden against pests. They make their own compost and fertilizers while maintaining the irrigation, raised boxes and orchards. The planting schedule is in concert with the seasons as well as the needs of the restaurant. Executive Chef Michael Foster works with Cindy to make sure the food they create is reflective of the garden as well as their own style and passions.

Let us take you there! We can make reservations for you at Mustards Grill and get you there in style without you having to worry about anything.

If you want to see Cindy Pawlcyn describe Mustards Grill in her own words, check out her video:

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