Why hiring a “local” Napa limousine service will ensure a great experience in wine country…

Why hiring a “local” Napa limousine service will ensure a great experience in wine country…

A visit to this premier travel destination, Napa Valley, is an experience full of breathtaking views, genuine hospitality, and above all else, spectacular wines. Because the Valley has an incredible range of climates, elevations, and soils, it is ideal for growing many varieties of grapes. Napa Valley has a reputation for pricey higher-end, limited edition wines that are among the best in the world.

napa valley limousine serviceIf your idea of Napa wine tasting includes a relaxing, well-rounded experience of sampling unique wines and seeing the true beauty of the region, hiring a “local” Napa limousine service is a must. Not only will it relieve you of having to navigate your way through the Valley (and have a designated driver), but a Napa valley wine tour will introduce you to places you won’t discover on your own. To have the most distinguished trip, you do need to get off the beaten path with an expert local guide.

As you sit back and enjoy the comfort of a Napa limousine, prepare yourself for tasting the exquisite wines of the region, the most popular being the Cabernet Sauvignon and the various Bordeaux style blends. You may also find yourself trying outstanding Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, Merlots, Syrahs, and Cabernet Francs.

…and why a Napa Wine Tour with one company may not be as great as another.

The Napa limousine service that you choose for your wine tasting journey will greatly affect the quality of your trip. Starting with the moment you call the company, all the way until the end of the limousine service, you should receive great customer service from knowledgeable and friendly staff. You should also feel a sense of “flexibility,” as sometimes things can change along the way (during your tour). This could be your first trip to Napa or maybe you are a regular when it comes to wine tours in this region; either way, the company should accommodate your needs and concerns and work with you to plan the wine tour you are envisioning.

Ask questions before you book your Napa wine tour. The limousine service and, in particular, your chauffeur for the day, should know the ins and outs of the wineries and restaurants. They should know how many hours (realistically) they think your desired trip will take, if they need to call ahead to the Napa wineries to reserve tastings for your group, and what the policies of the different wineries are. If you want to pull off for a picnic, can they recommend a special place? What do customers say about their experiences with the limousine service? How long has the company been serving Napa? Do the chauffeurs have long-standing relationships with the wineries? Do your homework—it will pay off!

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