Farmstead Restaurant

Farmstead Restaurant

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Farmstead Long Meadow RanchThere is a Napa restaurant in St. Helena whose name says it all, called simply, Farmstead. It is the bustling stage for Long Meadow Ranch, an organic farm that was originally established in 1872. Farmstead is a prime example of the farm to fork movement currently buzzing through the culinary world. The ranch itself is over 700 acres and provides Farmstead with the bulk of all the food it needs to keep the restaurant busy every night. The estate is certified organic by the CCOF and focuses on wine making, estate olive oils, fruits, and vegetables, all while playing host to beehives and a herd of grass fed Highland cattle. The lamb and beef, organic produce, grappa, honey, and many other seasonal ingredients produced at the ranch are incorporated into the American farmhouse style cooking at Farmstead. You can read all more about Long Meadow Ranch here.

The Farm

First settled in the late 1800s and abandoned during Prohibition, Long Meadow Ranch was revitalized in 1989 by proprietors Ted, Laddie and Chris Hall. They have since built an organic, integrated agricultural system based on long term and sustainable farming practices. The focus of the winery is the king of Napa Valley grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon. They also produce Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and a Petite Sirah that reflect the Hall family’s dedication to quality, and are prominently featured at Farmstead. The family business is dedicated to helping the community as well, and they donate all five dollar corkage fees collected at the restaurant to a different non profit organization every month.

The Restaurant

Farmstead Executive Chef Stephen BarberKentucky native Executive Chef Stephen Barber has integrated his Southern roots into the American farmhouse approach to the menu at Farmstead. In his work in California, Stephen garnered attention from Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle. As executive chef at MECCA in San Francisco he received a three star rating and was named a rising chef by the well-known critic. Stephen opened BarbersQ in Napa in 2007, and scored another three stars from Mr. Bauer! Chef Barber is ingredient driven, and coordinates the treasure trove of Long Meadow Ranch, and other local producers, into an appetizing menu that keeps us coming back. Chef Barber also has the many tools of Farmstead at his disposal, including a wood burning oven, plancha, a cast iron grill and the biggest smoker in St. Helena. One night a year, it all comes together at their big annual party, Live Fire Feast. It will feature guest Chef Justin Brunson from Colorado, who spent his childhood gardening, hunting and fishing and these activities begin to describe his passion for food and its’ preparation. The duo of agriculturally backed chefs serve up whole roasted meats, seafood, organic fruits and vegetables hot off the grill and fresh off the farm.

Keeping Busy

Farmstead and Long Meadow Ranch also operate a café which is tucked under a large spruce in front of Farmstead. They feature the famed Stumptown Coffee, panini and pastries, oats, croissants, macchiatos and other seasonal treats. The year round farmer’s market features the same food as Farmstead and similarly changes with the seasons, but includes, fresh eggs, beef, lamb, vinegar and honey. They are open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. During the weekdays, Farmstead celebrates the local agricultural vibe of the Napa Valley with a Growers Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm exhibiting refreshing cocktails and a special bar menu. Finally, check out the lineup for their summer concert series here.

We offer a VIP dinning service complete with complimentary sparkling wine en route to fine places like Farmstead. You can relax after a dinner of great food and wine as we drive you back home.

Cellar Angels produced a great interview with family member Chris Hall to help get a grasp on the scope of Farmstead and the Long Meadow Ranch:

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