The 23rd Music Festival for Brain Health at Staglin Family Vineyards

The 23rd Music Festival for Brain Health at Staglin Family Vineyards

The 23rd Music Festival for Brain Health at Staglin Family Vineyards

Running 23 years strong now, the Music Festival for Brain Health will be hosted at Staglin Family Vineyards on Saturday September 16th. Garen Staglin started his namesake winery in 1985 and 20 years ago founded the One Mind Institute, a brain health foundation that is important to him and his family.

Lyle Lovett Staglin Music Festival

We here at Beau Wine Tours believe that it is important to take part in community affairs that matter most. We are proud to be a support our neighbors and as the exclusive transportation partner for the event, we are excited to be part of this fun and meaningful event.

The day begins with a look at the issue at hand with a scientific symposium that features presentations with the leaders of the mental health world. The world’s best neuroscientist and scientist speak to the importance of fully understanding brain health research.

Next, the most renowned and coveted wines in the Napa Valley, and beyond, come together in the Staglin Wine caves. Cult wine superstars, mythical winemakers, and impossible to buy wines will be on display to entice the senses of the wine loving crowd. Culinary delights will be paired with the wines and prepared by Chef Nash Cognetti, who is well known throughout the Napa Valley during his years as Executive Chef at Tra Vigne.

Staglin Family Music Festival

The musical event this year will be an intimate performance by singer, composer, and actor Lyle Lovett! His story telling songs mix country, blues, rock, and soul that has helped him take home an amazing four Grammy Awards. His deep talents are thoughtful lyrics are the perfect pairing for this event.

The final event of the day is an exclusive VIP dinner with local legend Cindy Pawlcyn. Her name and success has been tied to the food scene in the Napa Valley for decades, and will be a true treat for anyone in attendance.

The Staglins have been campaigning and fundraising to bring this important issue to the mainstream for many years. Watch Shari, Garen, and Brandon Staglin describe how their shared experience with brain health has led them down this lifelong path.

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